by Alfonso García-Caro Núñez, Suhaib Fahad

Mastering F# is an interesting crossover between an in-depth description of the language and some of its practical applications, using some of the most used libraries. For the web alone, the books presents short examples in ASP.NET, Suave, WebSharper and Fable.
The book has many merits and I plan to use it as a reference for the use cases he covers; in particular: Actor model, Type providers, Desktop development with Electron.
The format of the book make it a sort of “alternative” Expert F#, which I consider the de-facto manual for the language - if not else because the language creator, Don Syme, is between the book authors.
One of the most interesting part of the book, from the perspective of the language, is the explanation of the library functions available for data structures: it is exaustive and each function is clearly explained and discussed.