by Kevin Solorio, Randall Kanna, David H. Hoover

This book guide the reader in the development of a DApp on Ethereum using the consolidated Truffle Suite and React for the frontend. A single application is developed with increasing sofistication, and a good amount of space is reserved for the development of test - the approach used is TDD. While it shows a best-practice in the development of smart contracts, it can be a hindrance if your aim is to rapidly gain a sufficient understanding of the main concepts needed to develop a DApp. As a learning resource it should be coupled with a more theorical description of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Solidity language, which is readily available on the Ethereum website. Also, given the fast evolution of the blockchain development landscape, the choice of using the Truffle Suite could be a bit on the conservative side, since at the time of the writing Hardhat is already gaining traction as a preferred development framework for professional blockchain development.