by Don Syme, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino

Listing between the authors the “designer” of the F# language itself, it’s easy to see how this book can be a treasure trove for the F# practitioner. The book covers an introduction to the language and several practical use cases.

The chapter on “Building Smart Web Application” is made by the author of the WebSharper web framework, Adam Granicz, so it’s not the usual “Hello world” REST app example, since WebSharper is a full stack web framework offering reactive views on the frontend, RPC integration, F# both on the frontend and on the backend. Given the fast evolution of the framework this part is a bit dated, but it’s still a good introduction to this wonderful framework.

Other very interesting topics covered in the book, and otherwise seldom described, are code quotatations, GUI development with Eto Forms, propery based testing with FsCheck. Reading this book, after having read “Functional Programming with F#", is my suggestion to those interested in learning this language or functional programming in general.